A New Maternity Clinic in Senegal: Our Employees’ Favorite Award

Out of the six projects selected for the Air Liquide Foundation Awards for social engagement, the renovation of a maternity clinic in Bassar in the Sine Saloum islands was the winner in the “Employee Favorite” category. A closer look at this initiative sponsored by Elisabeth Ndiaye and Marie Ba Lacouture and supported by Air Liquide Senegal.

Access to healthcare, a major priority for the Foundation

Air Liquide Senegal employees are invested in the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts. Elisabeth Ndiaye – Human Resources Manager – and Marie Ba Lacouture – Logistics Manager – teamed up with the Voiles Sans Frontières organization to renovate a maternity clinic located on an extremely remote island. The house for the midwife and the materials used to renovate the structures were funded in part by the Air Liquide Foundation.

Thanks to this initiative, the level of care provided to residents of Bassar and the surrounding villages has improved dramatically. The project also brought together two colleagues who had not worked together before and who now intend to continue their efforts in this direction.

In every corner of the globe: providing care, training and support

The awards ceremony also highlighted other impressive projects spearheaded by Air Liquide employees and their entities, with support from the Foundation. In Shanghai, Angela Hua, Communications Manager in Asia for Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, sponsored an organization that works to provide access to healthcare for the children of Chinese migrants. In Delhi, Roshan Ekka, Human Resources Manager for Air Liquide India, sponsored the Life Project 4 Youth organization, which transformed a derelict factory into a professional training center for young adults. In Burkina Faso, Harouna Badini, HSE/Security and Industrial Risk Manager, supported the construction of a middle school and an organization working to train women in modern weaving techniques. Finally, when he was the Director of Biotechmarine (a Seppic subsidiary), Guénolé Le Calvez supported the Handi’Chiens Bretagne organization, which trains service dogs for individuals living with disabilities.


When I had the chance to sponsor the Voiles Sans Frontières project, I immediately thought of bringing in another colleague to share the experience. Working with the Foundation on this initiative has made us want to get involved with social causes such as informing women about gynecological diseases and girls’ education.

Elisabeth Ndiaye, Human Resources Manager & Marie Ba Lacouture, Logistics Manager, Air Liquide Senegal