Air Liquide Employees, get Involved with the Foundation!

Founded in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation reflects the Group’s commitment to being a responsible company and its desire to ensure that its philanthropic efforts have a long-term impact. Employees at the Air Liquide entities play a key role in realizing this ambition. Here’s how!

I know about a project and I would like to recommend it?

Great idea! You can recommend a research project or a micro-initiative that fits with the Foundation’s missions – environment, health/respiration, scientific education and local development – and meets the selection criteria. All you have to do is ask the organization to provide your name and the name of your entity when submitting their application in the “Submit a Project” section of the Foundation website.

I do not have a project in mind but I’d like to get involved, is that possible?

Of course! Get in touch with the Foundation team: If the Foundation chooses a local development project near your entity, you will be contacted.
The Air Liquide Foundation was created to support micro-initiatives in the communities where Air Liquide operates. The Foundation is always looking for employees working near the site of these projects to volunteer to provide support. Sponsors act as a key connection between the local project team and the Foundation.

What do the sponsors of local development projects do?

Your work will take place in three stages:
1. Evaluation: get in touch with the project leader, conduct the feasibility study on the ground and report on the results
Then, if the project is approved by the Project Selection Committee:
2. Monitoring: visit the project halfway through and report on the results
3. Reporting: conduct the final evaluation and report on the results

To maintain impartiality, the employee sponsoring the micro-initiative may not have any connections to the organization leading the project.

When you become a sponsor, you work with the organization leading the project and represent the Foundation when evaluating and monitoring the supported initiative. You can coordinate with the leadership team at your company to turn this sponsorship into an opportunity for your colleagues to communicate with the organization.

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