10 new projects approved in the first quarter of 2017

In the first quarter of 2017, 8 local development micro-initiatives and two research projects were approved by the Project Selection Committee and the Board of Directors respectively. The Air Liquide Foundation has approved a total of 264 projects since its creation in 2008, with 330 Air Liquide employees getting involved.


Education & Training

  • Home schooling assistance for sick or injured students and pregnant minors – French Guiana
  • Entrepreneurship training for underprivileged young students – USA
  • Providing equipment for a center fighting social exclusion of underprivileged youths in Montreal – Canada

Access to water and energy

  • Photovoltaic energy supply for social microfinance institutions – Togo

Access to healthcare

  • Heart surgery for underprivileged children – Romania
  • Fitting out a social solidarity ambulance – Greece


  • Creation of a cultural center to provide therapeutic care for disabled people – Tunisia
  • Improved mobility for partially sighted elderly people – China


Health / Breathing

  • Research on the stabilization of CFTR protein to fight cystic fibrosis – Belgium

The Environment

  • Atmosphere/ocean transfers related to climate change: study on the emissions of a rare gas (dimethyl sulfide) by coral reefs – French Polynesia

More information about these projects will be available soon.