Dynamo Camp Onlus, the first micro-initiative supported in Italy

Dynamo Camp Onlus is an Italian association that organizes holiday camps throughout the year for children suffering from serious, chronic diseases. An Air Liquide employee in Italy, Eleonora Nardi is the sponsor of the Dynamo Camp Onlus project. This project was recommended to the Foundation by another of the Group’s employees in Rome, Lina Feudi. They talk to us about the scope of this support.

Can you tell us exactly how these holiday camps are organized?

Eleonora: Dynamo Camp is located not far from Florence, in the small village of San Marcello Pistoiese (Limestre). The buildings are surrounded by nature; it is a very pleasant and welcoming place. The center welcomes children aged from 6 to 17 who are suffering from serious, chronic diseases, handicapped, in therapy or in remission, as well as their families, friends and caregivers if necessary. The association offers a very wide range of manual and outdoor activities: arts and crafts, swimming, horse-riding, climbing, etc. Activities are open to all children.

What does Dynamo Camp bring to the children?

Lina: Children arrive weary from their medical treatment and cut off from a social life with children of their age. Thanks to these holidays, sick children become just children again. They can enjoy themselves, far away from their usual medical environment, in a place that is made safe for them by the presence of qualified staff. This is an opportunity for them to spend time with children that have experienced the same kind of things as them. For children in wheelchairs, for example, special wheelchairs have been designed to allow them to go climbing. So they can do things that they thought were out of their reach! This improves their self-esteem, which is very important, especially for children whose medical treatment is ongoing.

What has the Foundation’s work allowed?

Eleonora: Since 2007, nearly 6,000 children have spent time at the camp. To allow Dynamo Camp to continue to welcome greater numbers of children, new facilities must be built, enlarged and equipped. The Foundation’s donation has allowed it to build new bathrooms – in the horse-riding and minifarm area- that are wheelchair accessible, as well as a path leading to them.

What is your personal point of view on this project?

Eleonora: The Air Liquide Foundation’s support for associations is really interesting.It is an opportunity for employees to see what is going on around them and for campers of Dynamo Camp to be able to access to more and more activities during their holidays.

Lina: I am familiar with the association’s work as my husband does volunteer work there. We are proud to be the first project supported by the Air Liquide Foundation in Italy. I believe that it’s important to bring something personal to my company, as well as to these children, thanks to this support.


To find out more

Dynamo Camp Onlus Association’s Website: www.dynamocamp.org