Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Fox Glacier in New Zealand, Rwenzori Glacier in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, and closer to home, the Mer de Glace in France. We thought they would last forever. Yet the consensus in scientific research is that, in some parts of the world, the thawing of the glaciers is already irreversible. Glacial formations are reacting more strongly than expected to climate change and, by the end of the century, glaciers whose peaks are below 3,500 m will have disappeared. It is therefore vital to act now: it is urgent to study these glaciers as well as save the archives of the climate and atmosphere that the ice contains.

This is why – as part of its mission to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere – the Air Liquide Foundation is supporting an extraordinary project to preserve the ice in high-mountain glaciers. In years to come, these samples will be invaluable to scientists, who will be able to use as-yet-unknown technologies to analyze them. Future generations will be able to understand the past evolution of pollution and climate and thus better preserve our planet’s future.

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Xavier Drago
General Delegate of the Air Liquide Foundation


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