Air Liquide’s French operations support 98 social projects over the last 10 years, all with the involvement of the Foundation.

Our French colleagues have supported 98 social projects in France since the Air Liquide Foundation started providing financing, in 2008. An exceptional score!

Whether preventing youngsters from dropping out of school early, or supporting people with disabilities: many areas traditionally covered by public intervention now need ideas & financing from “civil society”. That’s where NGOs, supported by our Air Liquide colleagues and the foundation, kick in.

The Foundation has also supported several scientific research projects in France, ranging from orphan diseases in the respiratory field to the understanding of climate mechanisms. More to come on these subjects in our next newsletters.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all our colleagues, from dozens of sites across the country, who have contributed to this success, with their time, energy and expertise. In this issue, you’ll find some of their stories, we hope you find them inspiring.

The Foundation and its team will of course be at your side!

The Foundation team – David Meneses, Natacha Brunet, Geneviève Capbern-Gasqueton – and I wish you a Merry Christmas & a great start to the New Year.

Jean-Marc de Royere
President of the Air Liquide Foundation


With L’ENVOL, children are smiling again

For 20 years, L’ENVOL has been providing seriously ill children with recreational opportunities like no other. Led by Joanna Jammes and based in Paris, this association, which has 12 employees and more than 250 volunteers, combats the psychological and [...]...

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Disabilities: 30% of all projects in France

On 16 November, the Group’s Mission Handicap in France, which was renamed “HandivAirsity”, summed up its vision with a new Europe-wide goal in just a few words – “By everyone, everywhere, for everyone!”. Now is the time to remember [...]...

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10 new projects approved in the second half of 2017

8 micro-local development initiatives and 2 Health/Respiratory research projects were approved respectively by the Project Selection Committee and the Board of Directors in October and November 2017. A total of 284 projects have thus been approved by the Air [...]...

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Paris climate summit on 12/12/2017

An international climate summit was held in Paris on 12/12/2017, 2 years after the COP21 Paris agreement. The world is still not on track with the Paris targets and the recent summit aimed at mobilising Finance in the fight [...]...

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