All around the world, millions of children are deprived of their childhood due to their extreme poverty. In particular, they lack the necessary resources to develop and blossom. Fortunately, there are remarkable people that work every day with children in great difficulty, to give them a chance to reintegrate society and prepare a real future.

The Air Liquide Foundation is aware of this major issue and provides support to those in the field helping street children or underprivileged children, as well as in the field of research in order to better protect the lungs of premature babies whose health is at risk. You can read four articles on these subjects in this newsletter!

You will also discover other actions in these pages; two French projects helping reduced mobility persons, for example; one that improves their access to outdoor leisure activities and another that supports the training of assistance dogs. You are also invited to join us in Colombia, where urban agriculture is helping to fight food insecurity and stimulate economic activity in underprivileged neighborhoods of Bogota.

Happy reading!

Xavier Drago
General Delegate of the Air Liquide Foundation


The lastest projects approved | June 2015

Scientific Research A physiopathological study on systemic sclerosis, a rare disease causing progressive fibrosis of the skin and multiple internal organs, including the lungs – France. Study on oxygen-nitrogen saturation diving – France. Micro-initiatives Education-Training Construction of a high [...]...

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