Scientific research on respiratory function in the medical field is one of the Air Liquide Foundation’s three areas of philanthropy. The living conditions of thousands of patients depend on progress in medical research. This is particularly true for rare diseases, i.e. for pathologies that affect less than 1 in 2,000 people.

There are generally no preventive treatments for these, often incapacitating, diseases. A better understanding of these diseases can considerably improve the care of these patients, but public funds are not readily allocated to research into diseases concerning so few people worldwide. A corporate foundation can, therefore, come into its own in its role supporting research projects on rare diseases. In this edition of the newsletter, we present two such projects, which our Foundation recently chose to support.

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Xavier Drago
General Delegate of the Air Liquide Foundation


To further research on rare diseases

As part of its mission to promote medical scientific research, the Air Liquide Foundation supports projects to improve respiratory function. Particular attention is paid to choosing programs that help to advance research on rare diseases. We take a closer [...]...

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Microfinance to promote access to clean energy in Togo

Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) is a French association created in 1998, whose objective is to improve the living conditions of populations in extreme poverty. In order to carry out its mission, the association supports entrepreneurship and helps people buy [...]...

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Tailored care for disabled women in Germany

Disabled women have a higher probability of being victims of violence. On the other hand, the disability may itself be the result of an attack. It is, therefore, a complex issue with sexual discrimination, violence and disability being deeply [...]...

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Renovation of Bac Giang orphanage in Vietnam

Enfance Partenariat Vietnam was founded in 2007 to improve the living conditions of children in orphanages and the poorest families in Vietnam. Its work takes the form of educational, social, and cultural programs, financing schools and orphanages, or the [...]...

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CoActis Santé launches the SantéBD app

Supported in 2013 by the Air Liquide Foundation, the CoActis Santé association promotes access to healthcare for everyone, especially for people with disabilities. On Wednesday, June 1st 2016, the association celebrated the launch of the SantéBD app at the [...]...

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