The lastest projects approved | October 2015

Education & Training
  • Training in digital techniques for young underprivileged people – Philippines 
  • Training in farming activity development for underprivileged women – India
  • Pilot greenhouse with vegetable garden/ aquaculture synergy  – France
  • Creation of a living space in a hosting center for refugees – Germany
  • Refurbishment of a room dedicated to French language teaching for refugees – France
  • Development of physical activities in a retirement home for underprivileged seniors – Germany
  • Creation of cooking, gardening and carpentry activities for young people of disadvantaged neighborhoods – Germany
  • Refurbishment of healthcare infrastructures in the village of Bassar – Senegal
  • Equipment purchase for three mobile medical units for children and neonates – Greece
  • Creation of a pediatric department within a hospital receiving underprivileged Lebanese people and refugees – Lebanon