The Under the Pole II comes back from Greenland

Coming back from their expedition along the coast of Greenland, the Under the Pole teammates emotionally moored their WHY shooner to the port of Concarneau on Saturday 26th September 2015. The emotion is shared by their relatives, inhabitants of the region and sponsors like the Air Liquide Foundation that came to welcome them.

Under the Pole II is 21 months of sailing and exploration, 52 divers and scientists for research programs, 300 dives and a diving record at 111 meters under the sea in a  – 1.5°C water.

According to its missions of atmosphere preservation and respiratory function improvement, the Air Liquide Foundation supports Under the Pole II research programs:

  • Interactions between atmosphere, ice and ocean during a one-year Arctic  cycle,
  • Diver physiology under extreme cold in deep water.

The next stage of the program is to analyze of data collected in Greenland. To be continued for the publication of the results.


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