Under The Pole: here we go again for a tour… around the world!

Under The Pole has already spent 45 days at the North Pole to reveal the splendor of the ice pack in 2010 through 51 dives in extreme conditions, followed by 21 months on the coast of Greenland for an in-depth exploration of its seabeds. Last May, the schooner Why cast off again for a 3-year expedition, this time around the world.

The Under The Pole expeditions were created 10 years ago by Ghislain Bardout, an engineer and deep sea diving specialist, and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, a skipper and polar region specialist. Their objective is to help the general public discover the undersea world, especially the polar areas, as well as to conduct scientific research together with international laboratories.

The Under The Pole team of divers and researchers uses its skills, tools, and new diving technologies to understand these extreme spaces. Between 50 and 150 m below the surface of our oceans, there is an almost unknown area. The third expedition of the so-called “Twilight Zone” aims to explore the undersea ecosystems present from the Arctic to Antarctic regions with stops in Polynesia and the Atlantic.

For the third time, the Air Liquide Foundation is embarking alongside the explorer couple. The grant provided will finance a research program on dimethyl sulfur, a gas emitted by coral reefs in French Polynesia that plays an important role in creating cloud cover and in climate change.

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